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RLR W Litter


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Ontario, Canada

We are a little hobby farm family located within Wellington Township and everything we do is out of passion.

Living a quiet rural life for over a decade, we decided to grow in various ways through goals and dreams.

Our rabbits are beyond special as they are preparing to be apart of a Rabbit Visit Therapy Program we are starting, for those in need of comfort but cannot care for a pet.

We are striving towards docile and healthy Holland Lops, English Angoras and have newly started Mini Rex to nurture the hearts for those who need it most.

There is truly something calming to the soul when spending time with our Angoras and Holland lops and we want to share that experience, even for those who cannot commit to rabbit ownership.

Our breeding program will be selective of litters to be produced at a small scale with our specialty Foreign and Domestic Imported Chocolate English Angoras and Holland Lops.

Some of our rabbits are entered in Rabbit Shows, yes it is a thing, nationally!

Our rabbits are part of the family and are provided plenty of attention, early handling, specific and quality feeds, enrichment, free roam time, fresh air, clean, safe and comfortable housing with litter boxes to help give an early start at tidy litter habits. 

We are Registered and Produce to The Standard of Perfection 

{American Rabbit Breeders Association}



{Dominion Rabbit Cavy Breeders Association}

Our English Angoras & Holland Lops are Fully Pedigreed.
We ask those who are seriously interested in either a Holland Lop or an English Angora, to contact us through our website to apply to be on the waitlist and answer the screening questions on our application form. 

To ensure our rabbits go to their new homes with confidence, we require an agreement of

no rehoming, resale and no breeding upon reserving and we ask to contact us first to discuss should your circumstances change.

Only Breeders in "good standing" may be considered and

Pedigrees are only released to approved breeder homes. 

We are supportive of ethical and dedicated breeders,

including ones who may be just starting out who have gone through the steps to pursue this venture. 

So please disclose your intentions when inquiring for one of our rabbits and we can discuss further.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in our
Rabbit Visit Therapy Program or Looking for a new member of the family as well as a Show Quality addition!


We have a precious Angora Litter of  2024!  Only one chocolate buck left who we are holding for shows and then he will be offered to the best home only!
Stay tuned for Spring Holland Lop litters coming soon!
Holland Lop Buck Available

KWRBC-April 28-Burford 

SORBA- May 11th-Rockton

RBA-June 1st-Brooklin

RBA-June 8th-Millbrook

FRBC-September 14th-Komoka

RBA-September 29th-Spencerville


Barrie Spring Show! -April 21st 

Schomberg Spring Fair- May 26th 

Barrie Fair Show- August 24th 

Sunderland Fair Show- September 11th 

Bracebridge Fair Show- September 14th 

Erin Fair Show- October 14th 

Royal Agr. Winter Fair-Nov.10th


Consider joining in on the rabbit show fun!

This hobby is fulfilling where you may make lasting  friendships, memories, fun road trips and to enjoy a community of like-minded group of people who want to show beautiful quality rabbits!

Connect with us to discuss if you intend to show so we can match you with the best possible show potential Holland lop!

hay field.jpg

Support Local!

We are so proud to share our family relatives farm called,

"Hay Country"

that harvests hay for rabbits & guinea pigs on their farm they have been running for 30+ Years!

The hay bales are a manageable sizes for those bunny owners in various city or apartment homes.

They also have a wonderful selection of Natural small pet products!

We highly recommend to take a look to spoil your bunny!

Chocolate English Angora Baby


Located within Wellington Township in Ontario, Canada

Contact us by Email

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